Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hard to believe but I registered all 3 kids for soccer today!

Hard to believe cuz its still winter out there and the concept of sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field seems SSOOO far away.

Hard to believe that big sis is entering her seventh season.

Hard to believe that the twins are already at that age. First it was the "drag that big belly to games and share pregnancy/birth stories" summer. Then it was the "drag the babies and all their paraphernalia and their stroller to all games, practices, tournaments" summer. Followed by the "lets take turns bringing big sis and one of us stay home with the twins who have no concept about not going on the field while the game is in play" summer. Followed by the "lets play on the side and eat snacks in our cute little lawn chairs and play in the local playstructure" summers. And now it will be the onset of the"juggling three soccer schedules" summers.

Hubby loves soccer. Playing it and watching it. World Cup years are always important ones. When we were first dating I would go see him at his games. Once, he was the only white guy on the team and another year the only non-italian. He would also coach kids back then. So it was a natural step that he would end up coaching big sis and her team. The twins have known that and learned, gradually, not to disturb dad while he was coaching.

So today when I registered them, they both looked at me with a huge smile and said simultaneously "dad will be our coach too, right?" That's when my heart sank. It won't be possible. For years, the league had the 4-5 years old as a co-ed team. So we thought, great, they'll be together. But NO, now its changed, girls and boys have been separated. Which for us means that the twins will ALWAYS have games at the SAME time, SAME day, DIFFERENT fields. How can he decide to coach one and never see the other one play? Sucks. He may not even be able to coach big sis as her practices will be on the one evening he works on weekdays.

Oh well, we'll figure it out. Can't wait to see the wee ones in their cute outfits and for once it'll be big sis getting dragged to their games!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Sounds Like a riot Twinmom! 3 kids in one sport. YIKES! But I'm glad they will all have fun outside. Still trying to get Nathan into something he loves. I'm sure he will pick somthing up in school.

Great Blog my dear.

BeachMama said...

You will definately have your hands full. A used to play and we really enjoyed going out to the games. He traded it for hockey, and sometimes I don't mind, othertimes I wish for the soccer to come back again. It is so much warmer to cheer on an outdoor game :). Our turn will be coming in another two summers, unless we can get J to play football instead ;).

Have fun, hope Hubby can work it out to coach, it sounds like he really likes it.

nancy said...

I can't believe it!! WOW! Already? They are gonna have so much fun. What a big step in your family's progression.

I love your analogy of each preceding season - very good!!!

DaniGirl said...

Too bad about the scheduling problems, and I think I'd personally prefer mixed teams at that age, but oh well. I can't wait to get into some of this stuff with my boys - have always toyed with the idea of coaching T-ball. Why don't you sign up to coach one team while DH coaches the other??