Sunday, February 19, 2006


Saw this ad in the classifieds section of the local newspaper (the free kind) and couldn't believe it:

"Healthy mother willing to give excess breast milk. Please describe your needs." Followed by a first name and a local address.

Is this like a modern day wet nurse or some woman trying to make some money?

And who would get this?

Not sure what to make of this.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Neither am I. SO many Questions with this one.


Shakes head


Such a personal thing. I guess everybody has their own way of thinking.

nancy said...

I believe this is a big market in other countries. I don't think I would do it, but there must be some who will. I sorta feel a little 'eeeiuw' too.

BeachMama said...

Yuck. That is my first thought, but like others said, there must be a market somewhere.