Monday, February 13, 2006

a new family order

Big sis had an obsession with the Teletubbies when younger and so we have a whole slew of videos and other paraphernalia of them. The twins who had been on a TV strike for quite some time have rediscovered them and now want to see them all the time along with their Baby Einsteinn videos. They love them because they say there are no "bad guys" in them. Seems they are both sensitive to any "bad" guys and tend to hide when one shows up on the screen.

All that to say that the Teletubbies have been in the air around here lately. And now every family member has been allocated a new name :)

big sis is PO cause she's cute

baby boy is DIPSY cause he's silly

baby girl is LAA-LAA cause she's always humming a tune

hubby is TINKY-WINKY although they call him "Stinky-Winky" followed by loads of laughter cause he farts and burps ;)

and I'm now known as NOO-NOO cause I'm "the only one that picks everything up all the time" ;)

So this is the new order of things around our household.

Which Teletubbies character are you?


nancy said...

I'd be Noo-Noo just cause I literally say NO over a gazillion times a day.

nancy said...

took the test = PO.

BeachMama said...

I was going to respond that I don't know any of the Teletubbies names, as I haven't watched it. But, then saw that the test was a link, so I turned out to be Tinky Winky. Is that good? or bad?

We are watching Toy Story non-stop here. We were almost at a no tv mode, then we made the mistake of buying Toy Story... sigh... can't wait for spring.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm PO to....I hate scooters....

I think it's just becasue I picked the colour red. LLOL! Nathan said this week he like teletubbies too. YUGGGHHHH! I thought that was gone from my life. Guess not.