Monday, June 25, 2007

strawberry fields

We are lucky enough to have just down the road from us this great place called Proulx Farms. We headed there yesterday for their strawberry festival. Inexpensive pure fun. Tents were set up where local merchants had some of their fares set up for us to taste. Face painters left kids with cute strawberries drawn on their cheeks. A little petting zoo raised lots of oohs and ahhs over a variety of farm animals. Mazes made with bails of hay and giant slides needing potato sacks had the kids giggling uncontrollably.

But of course we came here to head towards the strawberry fields. armed with our baskets, we climbed aboard a tractor pulled wagon which led us into the fields. And the fun began. Running around trying to find the biggest strawberry. Eating freshly picked fruit, ymmm. The temperature was perfect and the strawberries plump and juicy.

Got some ice cream on the way home and feasted on a great dessert at supper time;) Looks like I'll be making some jam today!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

graduation present

So the twins' first week of holidays included trips to the doctor (with two vaccines each, ouch), trips to the dentist and trips to the eye doctor. As a special treat and as a reward for all this good behavior, I also got them tickets to a show: Hi5 at the NAC (their first time there).

I left early enough, our so I thought. But didn't count on getting stuck in traffic due to a demonstration by Ethiopians and then finding the parking lot I usually go to full because of the local Jazz festival, so parking option 2 was full too and ended up at a local mall to park. When we stepped outside to cross the road, the heavens opened up and buckets full of water came down. So we waited. By then the kids were a little freaked from all this excitement and were crying, a little worried about missing the show. But after a while, the heavens obliged, the sun came back out. We got there a few minutes late but were rewarded with great seats: center stage, second row back.

And it was awesome!

The energy, the colors, the singing, seeing my little ones dance and chant along. All the turmoil to get there was soon forgotten.

And bless their hearts, on the way out they saw all the trinkets that are sold at these kind of places and they looked at me and said: "we don't need any of these mom, coming here was great enough!" Talk about mother's pride. So instead they came home and made some of these all by themselves :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last week at soccer, I'm sitting on the sidelines with some moms who were discussing all the plans for their kids high school graduation: limos, dresses, corsages, hotels, meals, etc.

And I burst forward full of pride exclaiming "I'm going to a graduation too!"

"oh yeah! Which High school?"

"Actually, it's their preschool"

"oh" they said and turned their heads away...


...nothing could dampen my pride seeing baby boy and baby girl get up on stage with their little black grad hats and receiving their diplomas, way cute and emotional for me...another stage achieved.

It seems like yesterday when they arrived, barely toilet-trained, at that preschool (the same one big sis had gone through 7 years prior) and what a wonderful adventure they've had there. Under the most amazing nurturing watch of some great teachers, they have blossomed and grown physically but also emotionally and especially academically. They made new friends, they learned and saw new things, they came back home week after week with beautiful crafts made with love.

I will miss our daily drives there and back and all the stories and songs we've shared along the way. I will miss many of the parents I've met there, we became quite the little family. Some I will see again, I'm sure, but most of the other ones, even with all the best of intentions, will only be chance encounters. I will miss the teachers who over the years have become more like friends. But mostly I'll miss this magical stage in my little one's lives.

Next year, they will get on the big yellow school bus and go on to a new school (not the one big sis went to)and onto new adventures. They are ready and excited about this new prospect.

I'm so very proud of you my loves :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

new shoes

Aren't they just the cutest?

I finally did it, a few weeks ago, bought some Crocs for baby girl and baby boy and for me ;) They picked their colors and added some whimsical detailing corresponding perfectly to their little personalties.

When we first saw these in Florida a few years ago, my initial thought of course was, who on earth would buy these things. Now they are everywhere and I have to admit: I love them! So comfy! Little feet don't sweat, the sand doesn't stay trapped in them, easy to clean, OK to walk in puddles and mine are just the best for gardening!

On other news, we went for our annual visit at the pediatrician yesterday. Baby boy was born weighing half a pound less than his sister. That half pound difference has stayed there up until yesterday: they now both weigh exactly 45 pounds. But now baby girl is one whole inch taller than baby boy. Regardless, they are both hovering at the 75% for both height and weight. Way to go kiddos!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

art attack part 2

As part of the year end frenzy,I found myself organizing some special artsy surprise gifts for some very special teachers at my kids' preschool.

First off, we got all the graduating kids to meet outside of school and create this most amazing piece as a thank-you to the school director whose vigilant and loving direction helped our kids grow and blossom over the past 3 years. The kids had a blast doing this and were very good at keeping it a secret up until the final reveal! It is already prominently displayed on one of the school's walls.

One of our teachers was leaving for good this year, going on to open a similar school in another part of the country. As a special parting gift, I collected money from all the parents and commissioned this beautiful piece from a very special lady whose art I absolutely love. What a perfect scene for a preschool teacher. She was so thrilled with it and will cherish it for years to come.

This kind of gift giving is so good for the soul.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

art attack part 1

We are in the middle of year end frenzy. Tons of activities, outings and celebrations, organizing schedules and things to bring that has my head twirling. So yesterday morning I had a time out. I took 3 hours for myself. A clandestine meeting with an old love.

I went here

It was wonderful. By myself. Going along from painting to painting with an audioguide and enough time to read every little thing. Surrounded by artsy people, quietly and reverently observing another period in time. It was a little time travel from the everyday humdrum of a SAHM. I love how these work of art portray people having fun, in tune with nature surrounding them. I especially love how Renoir depicts flowers and rivers and landscapes with an abundance of colors and play of light. I love how it depicts a period of time in France, part of my heritage. I love how they remind me of where I live now: the architecture of our home, our river views, the nature around us. I love how the impressionists had the audacity to rebel against their current school of thought concerning art and brought it to an other level, a joyous colorful at times whimsical one as opposed to the more austere, formal versions. Basically, a lot of what they represent resonates so true with attributes of my personality: happiness, nature-lover, simplicity, love of color, poetic love of my homeland.

My love affair with the impressionists has been going on for a long time. Since my preteens for sure when I once took a book out of a library and fell in love with them all. Over the years, I have seen so many of them in Paris, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Montreal. Reproductions adorn some walls at home and I always had a few in my office way back when. This collection had few old favorites I had seen elsewhere so it was like meeting some old friends. A re acquaintance with an old love.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

career paths

The funk is dissipating. Thanks for your kind comments, especially kate5kiwis "i think it's a good thing to listen to our body and have a day-or-two retreat at the beginning of our monthly cycle. good for you having a wee nap, i usually do on day one or two." Wise words to keep in mind for next month!!!

Last night, big sis came home with an interesting homework. They had to go on this online site and answer a multitude of questions which would then direct them to a list of careers that would suit them. Each career had a job description, salary range, "interviews" with people in that field. Her top five were criminologist, music teacher, elementary/high school teacher, web designer and actress. Nothing really stood out much. Guess her interests are quite diverse right now and she really has no clue what to go into. What a great tool though to get these 12-13 year olds to start thinking about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. What a daunting task too. Some people just "know" early on where they are headed and can clearly see the path ahead of them. How admirable. Hubby was like that, knew what he wanted to be from a real early age, 6-7 years old. Yet so many others don't know or change their mind. Who knows where life will bring you. Happiness in what you do is key though at the end of it all.

So for fun, I did the test too. And guess what? My previous job came in as number 2!! Right after illustrator and before taxidermist, architectural technician, pharmacist and interior designer. But no where in that list of careers do they have "mom" ;)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

in a funk

that's my mood today. Got no energy. Feeling apathetic. The rain ain't helping either. The kids have been nasty with each other and "mediator" has been my middle name lately. Add to that a dose of insomnia and bad cramps due to my monthly visit from Aunt Flo. I actually had a nap this morning, bad mommy, instead of tending to house chores. Shh, don't tell anyone, my mommy's guilt is heavy enough as it is. Late night last night too: waited for hubby to return from the hockey game, yes, that one, were the Sens lost, big sigh. And to make matters worse, my dad just called from the hospital. My mom was having her cataract surgery today and here I was thinking it was next week. Bad daughter that I am.

All right, this exhausted me, time for a coffee break...

Friday, June 01, 2007

a mommy's life

I keep trying to come up with some profound meaningful worth-your-while-to read kind of post, but my head is not there. Seems that my life lately is filled with simple mundane activities: juggling soccer schedules, birthday parties, year-end celebrations and outings, paying bills, organizing/coordinating summer activities, going to the gym, meeting girlfriends for coffee, etc. Plain old mommy stuff.

Seems everyday at breakfast, I find myself sitting down with my coffee and making a list of things to do for the day. An organized mind focused on tasks at hand make me a happy camper :)

Today's list: buy plants for vegetable gardens and flowers and plant all in afternoon, buy a few year end presents for school teachers, make fruit platter for tomorrow's Greek school celebration, attend two soccer games tonight, unpack big sis bag (came back from a two day school trip to Kingston), figuring out menu for supper.

Yep, not all that exciting. But that's my life. And quite happy with it actually.