Wednesday, February 22, 2006

winterlude poem

Got up last Sunday
It was a beautiful sunny day
Drove down the highway
Looked at the ice fishing huts along the way
Ain't gonna do that, no way
Declared it a family day
Headed down to the canal, hooray!!
Skated and skated, this way, that way
Of course had to stop along the way
For a sugary treat, "yummy" I heard them say!
Well that was our kind of day
Last Sunday
So much fun to play
Felt like a little holiday



What a great blog you have today.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Right ON Twin Mom. Love it true Candian Poem and activity. But where's the Timmy's?


BeachMama said...

Awesome poem :) We didn't make it on Sunday as planned :( There is always this weekend.

DaniGirl said...

You're so creative, my friend!!