Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last week my parents gave me a box of odds and ends of stuff of mine from when I was living with them eons ago. My jaw just dropped when I found this little frame a girlfriend gave me for my 10th birthday. She got it for me because my astrological sign is Leo and she had no clue what the saying meant cuz she was totally francophone. Who would have guessed that 3 decades later I would start a blog with that same title. Too cool!!

This is the same kind of coincidence that happened here 3 years ago. Big sis had this Fisher Price house she used to play with and when she stopped having an interest in it we put it away in the depts of the basement. I had all but forgotten about it when several years later it re-emerged in order for the twins to play with it. Imagine our shock when we saw that the characters that came with this house included a dad, a mom, a big sis and boy/girl twin babies!! It was as though it was meant to be!

Love these little coincidences that life throws at us :)


Silver Creek Mom said...

Now that is too cool! Although I do remember the story about the fisher price dolls. I still think that is freaky!!!

BeachMama said...

How cute! And fun! Cool about the dolls.


nancy said...

Wow! I love things like that, kinda gives me some "belief" in a very special part of life and it's meanings. Very Kool!!

nancy said...

P.S> Did you dye your hair?

DaniGirl said...

Whoa, that's freaky - especially the LP family!!!!

I guess it was meant to be!