Friday, February 17, 2006

a pure canadianism

So we've been watching the Olympics non-stop. The whole family is really into it. The other night, they did a blurb on this 64 year old Newfoundlander named George who is a snow-specialist. He was called to help the Italians get the tracks ready for the cross-country ski events, a fave in this house, right after hockey. He analyzes the snow and showed them how to use the grooming machine accordingly and correctly.

The interviewer: "So what makes for the best snow for a cross-country event?"

George, seriously: "Well, you don't want any Timbits in it. Ya know, those round hard chunks of snow."

Interviewer, laughing out loud: "Bet the Italians don't know what you're talking about when you talk about Timbits!!"

I just found this so funny and so purely Canadian!



My sister dropped in yesterday afternoon with a Tim Hortons afternoon break (coffee and timbits for the kids) she told me the same story about the Canadian trail groomer. It was the timbits that reminded her of the story.

nancy said...

I didn't hear this - too funny! Typical Newfies. We jsut returned (literally minutes ago) from our weekly post-skating lesson jaunt to Timmy's for Timbits and coffee. Yum.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I LOVE IT! Gotta love our sense of humour!!!!


Now I want timbits! Darn!

DaniGirl said...

How funny! I love it - (stereo)typically Canadian!