Monday, January 30, 2006


That's right. Nothing. That's what I did today.

OK, in a mother's world that's practically impossible. But it came pretty close to it.

Woke up this morning to the radio saying there was no school buses today. Big sis decided to stay home , usually I still just drive her in but its mostly a waste of time with half the kids there. Hubby was home this morning, got in last night, so she wanted to spend some time with him. Little ones still had pre-school so I drove them there (and the roads weren't half as bad as what they warned). And then a moment of total indulgence: went, by myself, to a Tim Horton's had my coffee, in a mug, and read my book: Memoirs of a Geisha. Pretty awesome so far!

Then I leisurely and aimlessly strolled through the mall, figuring I was getting some exercise at the same time, and bought some ready made stuff for the kids lunch. Picked up the kids from pre-school, had lunch...with paper plates :) . Then all 3 watched a movie together and I gave them a new toy I bought long ago for a special occasion and figured today was as good as any. So they were busy all afternnon and all got along splendidly. And I lied on the couch, read and fell asleep. Can you believe that ? I napped, like a baby. My body was obviously trying to tell me that I needed a slow down. This weather ain't helping at all. I woke up and they were quietly having a snack. So I sat with them while they were playing and knitted. Yep, something I haven't done in years. A few weeks back I wanted to show big sis how its done, the way my mom showed me years ago, and next thing I knew I was hooked and started a project, extremely beginner . Apparently there's a resurgence of knitting and its zen-like appeal.

Guess its time to go make supper, just for the kids, hubby at work, so something easy schmeasy will do. And no homework, yeah!

All in all a great day. OK, the mother guilt is trying to take over as I see a few projects I could have tended to and I could have spent more time with the kids, but hey, that's why big sis took a babysitting course.

Go away mother guilt, come back another day.
Today was mommy's day.
The dustballs can wait till tomorrow.


nancy said...

You fell ASLEEEEEP?????????


Silver Creek Mom said...

Right on Twinmom! Lazyness rules! Although I would have loved to go for a Timmy;s and strole through the mall and look. When I do get the chance I feel like I have to hurry. The last time I took my time was in Montreal way back when. Remember? As Mir would say ahhhh good times.

You fell asleep sounds like the perfect day. And MOM guilt it can come back another day. If the kids needed you, you would have known it.

From one take it easy mom to another.

DaniGirl said...

Bravo!!!!! Shhh, I fell asleep on Saturday afternoon, too. Tristan was watching the Thomas video Simon gave him (I have the boys give presents to each other on their birthdays, so Simon gave the gift to Tristan) and I was reading, and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. Heaven!!!

I'm so glad the "wonderful day" virus is going around. I hope everybody gets waylaid by it at least once!!

nancy said...

is that waylaid? or way laid? I may opt for the latter....

esusetain said...

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