Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a day to celebrate love

St-Valentine's is an over-commercialized Hallmark-money-making day, agreed. But when you have pre-schoolers, it's a cute special day in the middle of a wintery month. We had fun preparing little cards for their classmates and now they are looking over all the ones they have received. We have also made this humongous card for daddy who is coming back from his business trip today. We will be baking heart shaped cookies and after supper tonight, our traditional St Vats chocolate fondue will be savored by all.

Hubby and I aren't great romantics, never really were. So we never did much or bought each other much over the years. We just have this quiet understanding that we love each other unconditionally and forever. Once in awhile he'll surprise me with some goofy card and ususally gets me 3-4 exquisite chocolates.

But February 14th holds a special place in our hearts for 2, well 3, reasons. Big sis was conceived against all odds as we were told we couldn't conceive on St Vats day when after a glorious day of cross-country skiing we frolicked in some apres-ski ;~) Then, seven years later, I acted as a mother hen when on that day several eggs of mine were retrieved :)

With a world full of cynicism, I take confort in this one day of celebration for our love for each other.


DaniGirl said...

Awww!! *sniff sniff* Okay, maybe I was too hard on St Valentine's Day. And you know what, I love you too!!!



Wow a chocolate fondue. What an awesome idea. I love it!

BeachMama said...

What great memories to have for Valentine's. Hope your fondue was great and that you and Hubby got to relive a few memories ;).

Silver Creek Mom said...

Awww Sounds yummy. And Yes it is good for the young ones amoung us. It makes them feel special.