Sunday, February 26, 2006

indoor winter activities

What to do with kids full of energy when its too cold for outdoor fun? Go bowling!! Another family first, and here I was thinking we had pretty much exhausted those. The kids had a hoot!! The blaring music, the black lights making their clothes glow, their joy when one of their balls actually made contact with a pin, their dancing when one of us miraculously had a strike. Fun!

Rented the movie March of the Penguins. A tale of survival and love. Beautiful cinematography. Thouroughly enjoyed by us all, watched the movie one day and all the added features the next. Of course, even this movie had a "bad guy" namely the penguins' predators who set the two of them crying :( Nevertheless,we now have a pair of happy waddling penguins cruising down our hallways ;)

Hubby now busy playing a home-made version of mini-putt with them and then they are back into the garage emptied of vehicles so they can go biking!


BeachMama said...

oooh, how fun! It has been so long since we have been bowling and the black lights sound like it would make it very cool.

Silver Creek Mom said...

love to take the kids bowling. Nathan lays down after he sends his ball down the lane to wait for it tohit then jumps up and says YEAH! It was too funny!


We enjoyed March of the Penguins in my house as well,around Christmas. My youngest still talks about the movie.It just seem to stick.

Barb said...

We have the bowling carpet and a black light in our hallway...The joys of Dh working in the flooring industry....I still bowl once a week and every week I vow to never pick up a ball again..then I get a strike or 2. I hope to enroll J next Sept.
My high game is a 320!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Maybe we could all take our kids bowling at somepoint! That would be too funny AND I can bring my cam corder to record them moment~!

nancy said...

I can't wait to take them bowling. My Dad saw the Penguins and wants to give it to the boys. More scary than the 'bad guy' in George or no? He is buying them Lady & the Tramp today. Have I ever mentioned my father is a DVD addict?