Tuesday, February 21, 2006

carnival week

Big sis had hers last week and the twins this week. Every day has a theme or special activity like pyjama day (which was great for me...no need to dress them in the morning), beach day, funny hat day, Olympic day, etc.

Today was backwards/upside down day. Typically, the kids put their clothes on backwards or inside out, stuff like that. So we had talked about that last night.

Well, this morning baby girl and baby boy get up and I can hear them giggling as they are getting dressed for their special day. But my jaw just dropped when I saw them show up: baby girl had put on her brother's clothes and baby boy put on her sister's clothes!! Underwear and all!! I was even asked to put hair clips in baby boy's hair. So off they go to preschool, with each other's boots and snow suits and hats and mitts and I had to introduce them to the teachers with each other's names. What a hoot!!!

Not sure what hubby will think when he sees his boy all dressed in pink ;)


nancy said...

THAT is priceless!!!


They had a great idea. I hope their day was lots of fun!

Silver Creek Mom said...

That is Priceless. They came up with this all on thier own? Right on! I'm sure they ahd a blast being each other for the day. TO cute and cool.


BeachMama said...

That is hilarious! I never knew until my Grandmother passed away that she was really silly when younger. On their honeymoon, my grandparents decided to switch clothes for a day!! They even had a few photographs taken of them laughing hysterically. I never met my Grandfather, but seeing him in a dress makes me think he was a pretty fun guy :)

DaniGirl said...

First - that picture!!!! My heart is a mushy warm puddle! And your kids are just so cute and so clever - and you are such a fun mommy for coming up with ideas like this, which I will now blatantly steal and claim credit for, at least within our own four walls!!