Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a golden injustice

Another gold medal for Canada! Way to go girls. They even watched the game yesterday at big sis' school. Throughout the jubilation of it all, there was a little unsung story. The Olympic team has 3 goalies. The third one rarely plays, if at all, yet she's still there at all the practices and is basically part of the team. But regulations have it that all the team members get a medal except for her. There she was on the ice celebrating with her teammates but she doesn't get to bring home one of those golden donuts. BUT, and here is where the injusitce lies, in the MEN's Olympic hockey team, the third goalie CAN get a medal. Strange rules that should definitely be reassessed.


Silver Creek Mom said...

OK I didn't know this and it's FUCKING STUPID! She derseves it if she was there and part of a TEAM sport.

Who do I write?

BeachMama said...

I had no idea!! How unfair is that?

Bu, way to go team, thanks for the Gold!