Thursday, February 16, 2006

recalling a mommy moment

The storm they were forecasting just started, the snow is coming down steady. Like a big blanket descending on us, it conveys in me feelings of peacefulness and coziness. Hopefully it won't change to freezing rain as they predict. Makes the driving a whiteknuckled adventure and the kids have their skating lessons this afternoon.

Let's go back to a certain Saturday some 3 years ago. Hubby was out of town, the twins were babes and going through a phase of restless sleep at nighttime leaving me in sleep-deprived stupor come morning. Add to that a head cold resulting in a pretty pathetic mommy on pure survival mode. On this particular Saturday, big sis who was 7 at the time had several activities to attend. So here I am driving her from here to there dragging some grumpy babies along.

Pick up big sis from one event and start driving to the next one when she announces she'd really love an ice cappucino (it was a beautiful sunny day as I recall, not that it made me any cheerier). I said sure, why not, I'll get myself one too, a special treat. Wait in line behind other cars at the drive through, finally my turn arrives, roll down my window to put in my order: "two small ice caps please" and instead of the usual "that'll be please proceed to the window" I hear this young kid laughing is head off. How rude I'm thinking. He then announces: "lady, if you want some ice caps you better go to the Tim Horton's across the street!"

What ???? I look around, I'm at the MacDonalds!!! In my totally confused state, I drove up to the wrong drive thorugh!! I look back at big sis and ask her, why didn't you tell me I was at the wrong place? She just shrugged. Drove by the window with my head bent low as some snotty faced pimple bursting kid was still laughing.

oy vey


DaniGirl said...

Funny funny story!!! I can just picture you cringing, and the laughing pimply teenager...

Silver Creek Mom said...

OMG! I could sooo Do that!

You get the next prize for making me laugh today. You Gals are on a roll.



Tim Hortons and frozen water. You can tell we come from the same part of the world!

BeachMama said...

That sounds like something I would do :) Too funny!

nancy said...

A classic!!!