Friday, February 10, 2006

let the games begin

I LOVE the Olympics, especially the spirit of it. From the classical idea of games held in friendly competition while no war is being waged to the athletes who are giving their all. Love watching all the events, love the drama, love the behind the scene stories or when they show us snippets of the country where the games are. I remember growing up and watching every single one of them with my parents. My dad especially loves the winter ones as he grew up in the Grenoble/Chamonix/Albertville and now Turin part of the world. Living in Montreal in 1976 strengthened this Olympic love. Then the Barcelona ones, my mom's hometown, was especially special for her as the language of Catalan was recoginized for the first time worldwide and used at the Olympics, a language that was banned when my mom was a child and living under the Franco regime. Of course now, seeing that Greek flag coming out first is special too.

Always loved the opening ceremonies and all its customs: when the athletes come in behind the name of their country, their differnt outfits, countries which have been added/removed over the years, guessing who will be bringing the flag and the torch. We watched the opening ceremony as a family here, the kids loving it too, and it didn't deceive me. The whole show was great. When Peter Gabriel sang Imagine by John Lennon, I bawled. That song already sends me shivers whenever I hear it, the whole concept of world peace so close to my heart as I am truly a hippie-soul, and combined with the whole Olympic theme was magnificent. Of course, Luciano Pavarotti and his powerful voice sent chills down my spine too.

The TV will be going non-stop for the next 2 weeks constantly tuned on the Olympic channel. The kids, having skied and skated now, and seen the neighbourhood kid compete in speed skating are REALLY into it. What a change from 4 years ago when I watched Salt Lake City with a baby in my arms at all hours of the day.

Spent the morning yesterday organizing the details of some mini-olympics for the twins' preschool as a major theme for their winter carnival week coming up. Complete with a flame arriving and staying lit, several events downsized to their capabilities (curling, luge, relay race, hockey and hot chocolate with marshmellows of course)and medals. Should be so much fun!!

Lastly, can the media please leave Gretzky alone? Isn't it coincidental that all these allegations come up just before the Olympics? Its as though someone is intentionally trying to mentally sabotage the Canadian Olympic hockey team? Its pissing me off. Why should an NHL problem get dragged cross-Atlantic to an Olympic venue? Let it rest till afterwards. Poor Wayne, he's got enough on his plate as is. Mourning his mom and grandma, coaching an NHL AND Olympic team and now this! OK, can you tell I have a soft spot for him?


BeachMama said...

I loved the opening ceremonies. I was teary eyed listening to the Olympic President (I think) speaking of a "[ a time when athletes can come together in peace no matter what their religion, ancestory or country they come from]". I found it so moving, if only we could always strive for peace.

And I agree about the Gretzky think. Coincidence, I think not.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Right ON Twinmom! Leave "THE GREAT ONE" ALONE! I've always had soft spot for the man and he's so darn good looking! LOL! I'm sure he will never waver. GO TEAM CANADA! GO WAYNE!


We love the Olympics at my home too. My daughter has to pick an Olympian for a school project and follow there progress. I think I am more excited about the assignment then she is. I found my wire trees at Blacks in the Hazeldean Mall. They were on a clearance table I only saw the 2 I picked up.