Thursday, February 23, 2006

mini olympics

I am pooped, physically and mentally, so no wit here today.

Spent the morning outside with the twins and all their buddies at preschool. It was Olympic Day and so much fun. We lucked out and had a beautiful sunny, warm day. My cheeks are feeling a little fried. First the Flame arrived and the Olympic Torch was lit. Sang the National Anthem. Then they were all divided up in groups and participated in several events: curling , hockey, luge, relay race, ball throwing, treasure hunt, snow angels and the best, hot chocolate with marshmellows. Then they all received gold medals for excellent participation. My hats off to the teachers who deal with all these little munchkins every day.

Then off to Timmies for a quick lunch followed by their skating lessons. I'm ready to curl up in bed and they're still growing strong. Ahhh, youth!


nancy said...

We also had our mini-Olympics at gym'n'swim yesterday - it was fantastic!! Glad you had fun too. Thankfully ours were indoors - hooray!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I bet their just running on Hot choclate and masrshmellows. All tha sugar! LOL!

Glad they had sun and fun.



My mother used to say her children kept her young. Now as a mother I know what she meant.Go..go..go!!