Thursday, February 02, 2006

girl's night out

OK no drinking involved here or half naked men either.

I'm going out tonight with my big girl to see Hilary Duff. Not the most exciting show, I know, especially since my last one was to see U2, but a show is a show and its still a night out for me. Plus its great to do something alone with her.

Big sis has been a fan for the last few years. Has watched all her TV shows, has all her cd's and movies and tons of magazines about her. Her bedroom is filled with posters and trinkets of hers. This will be her third time seeing her live. She's not as crazily mad about her. I guess some maturity is setting in. But as an artist she's still a decent role model.

Funny how growing up I never had such a crush on a particular artist. Actually, never had posters in my bedroom either.

Well, gotta get supper ready and some things packed as we are leaving tomorrow morning for our mountain getaway. Another ski week-end awaits!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Have fun at the concert! I think she is a genuine young lady and a good role model. Seen her interviewed. I was impressed.

Have fun in the mountains!!!! I wishI could join you for a glass of wine and some muchies around the fire at your place. Loved it there!!!

nancy said...

Can't wait to hear all about everything - Mom & Daughter special night out and weekend skiing - enjoy!!

BeachMama said...

Hope you had a great time! I don't see any Duff concerts in my future, but I will be at the "show" whichever band it will be. My Mom took me to Leif Garrett way back when... I was 12 I think, I never forgot that she went out of her way to take me, so I will definately do it for "A" or "J"!!

Hope you are having a wonderful time skiing. Can't wait to hear all about it :)