Sunday, January 22, 2006

winter magic

It was a magical winter wonderland of a week-end.

We got a lot of the white stuff. Not fluffy. Heavy. And clingy. To everything. And after the clouds had emptied themselves and moved away, the sun came out and everything was gleaming and glistening and blanketed with a stillness. That peacefulness seemed to get imbibed by us all.

Then we all ended up outside, shovelling the skating rink first of course (amazing how such a small piece of ice can bring such fun). Then building a fort. Then a little cross-country skiing for some, skating for others. These are the days when I feel priviledged to live here with all this space around us for teh kids to explore and enjoy. Then in for spaguetti supper. Then back out for a nightly skate. Back in for chocolate fondue. And finally down for the count.

Wake up to pancake and sausage breakfast and out they go again. Working on their fort some more. I couldn't stop peeking at them from the window admiring this most precious moment of sibling togetherness. After lunch, we went in the city to encourage a neighbour of ours who was competing in a speed skating provincial meet. He ended up winning a silver in his age category and is going to Salt Lake City next week-end to represent the province. What an experience it will be for him. To actually skate indoors as opposed to outdoors. We were all so excited for him. He's the same age as big sis and from the time he was barely 2 he could skate faster than kids older than him. I so remember telling his parents to put him in speed skating. They didn't know much about it so I got them the number of the local club where friends of mine were involved. So I always feel so proud in having a had a small part in this boy's life. He truly has a passion for the sport and its great to see. We wish him well next week-end!


BeachMama said...

how awesome, I have never known anybody who was a speed skater, but the power they have in those legs is incredible.

Silver Creek Mom said...

RIGHT ON! that's soo cool.

It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it. Although my hubby was not glad about having to blow all that snow out of lane way with the tractor. (YEAH RIGHT!) Nathan loved it. And I kept saying wow everytime I looked outside.