Sunday, January 29, 2006

holding down the fort

I've been MIA: been a single mom for the past few days, one more sleep to go! For the past 2 years, hubby has been going out of town more. Basically to attend continuing education courses and expand the horizons and scope of the work he does. He comes back re-energized and shares with me all that he's learned. The kids have grown to understand his little trips and so look forward to having him back. Of course the little surprises he brings back are paramount and are also used by myself as pure uninhibited bribery tools the whole time he's gone to obtain stupendous behavior from them ;0

He never leaves for more than 3-4 days at a time. Nancy is my hero for this alone-with-the-kids-hubby-away-on-trip thingy. Heck, she even has special undergarments to help her through those times. The first few times, I was a nervous wreck..."how will I cope with the 3 kids alone?" but now, no problem, even with all the juggling that's needed. Part of me actually looks forward to not having him around. Of course I love him tremendously, but not having him here is one less person for me to take care of, a break from the usual routine, I make it a point of doing out of the ordinary things (like supper at a girlfriends' house with the kids, home movie night complete with popcorn, group manicure, etc.) and I get that 'alone" time when the kids are sleeping. Being an only child, I crave for those rare opportunities. Especially in the evening when I can be in control of the remote and can read as late as I want! Or play on the computer!! Except this time, the computer along with the dishwasher and the truck were having technical difficulties :( Things do happen in threes! Amazing how much I got accomplished around the house with him gone AND the pute on the fritz. Tons of little odds and ends here and there that had been relegated to the procrastiantion pile. Makes one wonder how much I could accomplish if I didn't have this little secret addiction with my blog. But then again this is what makes my mind work all day.

Oh, and we've "two sticker days" for 5 days in a row and a "no sticker day" today ;( Poor kid, comes in to see me in the morning with that sad puppy look and announces "guess no stickers for me today but I'll do better tomorrow!" What a sweetie!


BeachMama said...

You and nancy are my hero's! I don't fare very well when hubby is gone. Mostly because he never used to go anywhere, then all of a sudden they send him away every few months. Not impressive to me, and something bad almost always happens when he is gone.

Sorry to hear about the stickerless morning, he is obviously aware of what is going on now though!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Oh Dear...i hate it when the hubby is even working late let alone out of town. And he may be in Florida soon. For a week and with Miranda's rehersals we can't go. Loverly!

Sometimes Ilike it when he leaves then I too get more done that Iw ouldn't have if he was here. BUT I do miss having a warm body at night to keep me warm. What AM I SAYING! Miranda and Nathan take advantages of it and sleep with me. SIGH!

Glad you are surving. I hope the hubby is home soon.