Monday, January 16, 2006

my little family

Cool! Look at all the people finding me here! You're all part of my little blogging family!! And thank you all for your comments too, especially after my last whiny post. That bad day is gone and we are back to normal, as normal as can be. You are right Brenda, its not a SAH thing, its a woman thing and seems like things escalate and there's a blow out every once in awhile, gotta let out that steam!

Was another busy, busy week-end. Friday I went to a continuing education course mostly because I wanted to know more about this particular topic presented but also because I have to log on so many hours a year in order to keep my license. Was kind of neat to wear the career woman hat instead of the mommy hat for a day. The lecturer was so energetic and inspiring and motivational that it made the day fly by. And again the constant question from a lot of my colleagues was "So? When are you going back to work? Are you bored at home?" Seems I always have to validate my decison of selling my practice and staying home. Some people get it, how family life was more important for me than my career and others still believe I threw away my career and all those years of work. Plus I was approached by THREE different parties with great job offers. Of course, it made me feel great but my heart was saying "no, not yet". part of it is the anxiety of job performance and expectations upon returning, sure I'll be a little rusty and slow at first, but after having done it for so long, I'm sure it's like riding a bike but mostly its the "who will be there for the kids?" during the summer holidays, after school, when one of them is sick and re-establishing a whole network of alternate childcare. Guess I still want to be the one mostly in charge of my little family.

Now you have to understand that I do have a little family. I'm an only child and my parents moved here from Europe when I was 3-4 years old leaving all their respective families behind. For years it was just the 3 of us, Christmas and the like was always pretty quiet. Then I married hubby and acquired the outlaws, another small family and not a fun-loving bunch. So over the years, I've relied mostly on friends to become my surrogate family.

Went to three parties this week-end. First one was a belated Christmas gettogether with big sis' godparents, people we have known for over 25 years, so practically family! They have two teenagers and a preschooler so it makes for some interesting dynamics. The older kids were getting ready to go to a dance, driving themselves there, while the younger bro was watching Blues Clues!! We also went to our Godchild's first birthday party. I LOVE that boy AND his parents that to me they are definitely family too. And finally, we got all dolled up and went to hubby's office Xmas party, they always have it after the Holiday season. Was nice to see some familiar faces, have a nice meal, but didn't feel like dancing, by 10 o'clock I was toast, definitely don't have the endurance anymore. Seems like the employees keep getting younger and younger. Some of the younger crowd there certainly got hammered and were going to be hurting the next day, better them than me! Been there, done that!


nancy said...

Well, I know your family is no longer so 'little'. You always amaze me at how much you enjoy the regular stuff and truly savour the special events, whether it be a course/conference or family/friends get together. I wish I shared your passion for the important things in life - the simple ones.

BeachMama said...

I always thought you came from a big family. Sometimes I wish I wasn't from such a big family, you would be amazed at how sometimes even the adults are still like kids :)

I love how you have made your own family with your friends and neighbours.

Sorry you feel you have to validate your choices to stay at home. If only it would be more readily accepted to stay at home. It would certainly make returning to work a bit easier.


Silver Creek Mom said...

A big family is what I come from and my hubby two and you know selfishly I wanted to stay home at CHristmas and just be with my two kids. Don't get me wrong I love the familes and I know both sets of parents will not be around much longer. BUT I would love to have Christmas day at home just once before Miranda moves out. It's never happened.

As for work. No one has ever asked me that. They know once I have the house to myself I will dive back in and try again. Right now I'm afriad to even try which is why I'm thinking about taking just a drawing course to get back into things. Although I have been asked why I didn't keep painting when Nathan was born. TOO BLOODLY TIRED!

I get to play dress up and NOT be a MOM on the 28th. I'm still trying to figure out what to wear. Ball at the Chateau Laurier.