Monday, January 23, 2006

don't be an idiot

Big sis brought this photocopied article from Greek school for home discussion. Written by Tony Atherton and I assume published in a local newspaper. Just had to share some excerpts:

In ancient Athens, cradle of democracy, passionately political Greeks had a word for members of society removed from public life, those who did not vote or hold office. They called them idiotes. While the term was no more flattering than the word's English derivative, its contempt was more specific. If we reverted to the original Greek definition of idiot, it would fundamentally change the nature of modern political discourse. Politicians could never again be called idiots.

By ancient Greek standards, then, about 40 per cent of the Canadian electorate are idiots. We refer to the record number of citizens who, during the last federal election, did not exercise the fundamental right and bedrock responsibility of citizenship--the vote.

Children of an era of peace and freedom, we take the whole issue of civic responsibility rather more lightly than those for whom despotism or oligarchy was fierce.

Now I am totally not a political activist BUT don't be an idiot, go vote today already!


BeachMama said...

I will be out there with you! Vote, vote, vote!!


Silver Creek Mom said...

No Problem and Will do...but I still don't know who I'm voting for. SIGH...What a choice.

nancy said...

Oops - read my post today?