Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006, here we go

For years, especially pre-kid years, New Year's Eve meant inviting everyone and anyone over to our house for a get-together and having people ending up sleeping here and there. After big sis showed up, the trend of house parties continued but more toned down. After the twins showed up, the ritual pretty much became extinct.

This time around, something completely new arrived and how fun too!! We are very lucky to belong to a warm and loving church community. They organized a NYE party, close to 300 people in attendance including 60 kids. They had a room set up for the kids with tons of entertainment, bouncing ball pit, crafts, bingo, pinata, karaoke, etc. So in between the 5 course meal, they would go there and burn off tons of energy. Or come back up to dance a bit. Plus all these kids know each other. Which meant, that us adults, were upstairs enjoying our served meal, dancing to an awesome live band, and chatting away with friends. The most incredible moment was a few minutes before midnight, our little family stood on the dance floor holding hands, wearing party hats, tooting horns, throwing streamers and at the stroke of midnight hundreds of balloons fell down on us. The look of total and sheer excitement and wonder in their faces, all 3 of them, was totally priceless and hubby and I were filled with emotions at witnessing our first New Year's Eve "together" as in all kids awake. They lasted till 1 am and then slept till 11 am this morning. We've got some major re-organizing of sleeping schedules but it was so worth it. What little party animals we have!!

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BeachMama said...

Sounds like a great night! It must have taken a lot of work to organize such an event, but I am sure it was well worth it and will be enjoyed again next year.

Happy New Years!