Tuesday, January 17, 2006

keeping my fingers crossed

A long-time friend of ours is expecting twins, first pregnancy, mom and dad over 35 years of age and both are over the moon with happiness. Of course, I've chatted with her a fair bit about all the expectations and hurdles and am so happy for them for finally being blessed.

I just learned that she is being flown to Toronto tomorrow for surgery. She's at 21 weeks and her last ultrasound last week showed that one twin was smaller than the other. They are identical and have developed twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Its basically a problem with the placenta which feeds one baby more than the other. Apparently they will perform a surgery inutero on the responsible blood vessel.

I can't stop thinking of her and the fear that she must be feeling. I keep praying for a favorable outcome for them all.

I think I'm going to go straigtht upstairs and hug MY twins again, even though they are sleeping, cuz this story along with quite a few other similar ones of other people we know is driving in the realization of how lucky we have been to have rellatively no complications whatsoever and how much of a miracle they truly are.


BeachMama said...

Will be thinking of your friend that all goes well with the surgery.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Saying a prayer for her. And Now I'm going to hug Nathan every time I think of her today. I'm all weepy now.

nancy said...

**tear in my eyes** I am sending prayers and good wishes to your friends in hopes that they can surpass this hurdle. Please keep us posted.

I can totally appreciate what you say about realizing how fortunate we are when hearing so many other stories so close to home.

DaniGirl said...

You have such a big heart, my friend. Whenever I hear about things like this, I get a shadow of the awful feeling in my stomach I felt whenever I was worried about the babies in utero. Sending hope and good luck to your friend, via you.