Wednesday, January 11, 2006

freezing rain and pet peeves

A cold damp rainy day in January, yak, and makes driving and just walking treacherous. Snow would be much much better. At least one could make snowmen :)

Hate this freezing rain. It often ends up freezing over our super mailboxes and at times we can't get to our mail for days. The idea of those supermailboxes is one of my pet peeves. Hate how they replaced the luxury of house to house delivery. Another splendid government cutback idea. The lady who distributes the mail there is constantly grumpy and you never know at exactly what time she'll be there. And if you show up when she's there and all the doors to the little boxes are open, she won't let you get to your mail. And she constantly puts other people's mail in our box. I've met so many of our neighbours hand delivering their mail that ended up in ours by mistake.

Hard to get back to a routine, those past few weeks of getting up and going to bed whenever are not making it easy. Can't seem to get kids to bed early enough and mornings' rush is no fun. Trying to get them fed and dressed and organized with all their stuff is draining. Making lunches is back and homework and getting big sis to get to it rather than watching TV. She's actually pretty good this year at doing it by herself but her time management skills drive me bunkers. She's innately lazy and will do the fun stuff first and procrastinate the other stuff. Just like me right now blogging instead of attending to household shores ;). My cold is not helping...definitely a sign from my immune system that I've been overdoing it and not resting enough.

After picking up the kids from preschool, quick lunch at a local fast food and off to gymnastics classes. This must be their fifth session and they absolutely love it. Great for me cuz its actually an activity suited for both boys and girls, don't know how long I'll be able to do that. And then drag them to the MD for their last hepatitis vaccine. I didn't forwarn them this time, I'll just spring it on them cuz they're not too good with it as of late. Hope this is the last shot in a long time. May have to do the old bribery of going to the dollar store if they behave routine.

All right, enough procrastination, off to pack away the Xmas decorations till next year. Which brings me to another pet peeve: would there be a Christmas without women? Who else does all the shopping, wrapping, decorating, party and meal planning, card sending?

And for my last pet peeve of the day: lottery tickets. This happens to me all the time. I run in a store to get ONE item, rush to the cash only to get stuck behind someone who gently unfolds their little piece of paper inscribed with all their favorite lottery numbers and I have to stand there waitng while the cashier punches all these things through.

Argh, have a nice day, eh!


BeachMama said...

Hear ya on the freezing rain, although we are just getting rain here, so it isn't too bad if you aren't walking anywhere.

Our "super"mailman is pretty grumpy too! And no, he won't let me get my mail if he is there. We used to have a great "super"mailman who was happy and always there before a certain time, but this guy just does it whenever he feels like it.

Good luck with the shots this aft, can't stand them myself.

And I do have to agree with your question of would there be a Christmas without women? Not here there wouldn't be, that's for sure.


nancy said...

OK - in agreement about the lottery ticket buyer in front of me in line, especially when I am in a big rush.

There would be NO Christmas without MOI in this house for reasons you stated.

I will never forewarn my children about getting a needle at the doc again, better to spring it on them as well.

But I will take a moment to (ahem) brag that living in a 40+ year old neighbourhood, we still get TOny the mailman who comes to our door, we often say hello, he is very kind and even gets a tip from us at Christmas time.

We start swim'n'gym tomorrow - our 5th session over past 2 years - they love it.

My we are a busy group!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

YUP...hate the freezing rain and the dampness. But I do get rural mail delievery. Must be living on the other side of the river that makes the difference. ;)