Wednesday, January 25, 2006

two sticker morning

The twins are 4yrs and 2.4 monhs old. Baby girl has been dry at night for TWO years whereas baby boy still has problems. He needs a pull-up at night. Ok we can live with that. But then he started removing it in the middle of the night ("I was too hot mom!") leaving me with a morning mess of wet sheets and blankets and stuffed animals :( Good thing he's still in his beloved race car toddler bed so the sheets are smaller and all fits in one load of laundry. Nevertheless, I've had it with the stripping of the bed and making it up again as a near daily ritual. We tried everything. The kid is not allowed to drink after suppertime. Meanwhile baby girl goes to bed with a cup of water, but then again she has a bladder of steel that one. We make sure he goes pee before bedtime. We've tried to get him up in the middle of the night but the plumbing doesn't seem to work then ;( We know he can do it, he'll have stretches were all is well. But it makes us uneasy to have him sleep anywhere else, like at the outlaws over Christmas (sure enough, peed all over and MIL had NOT put a mattress cover).

So this week we started the official Baby Boy Pipi Calendar. It's prominently displayed in the kitchen and it came with a few rules which the whole family is in on. If he wakes up and his bed is dry (i.e. didn't remove his pullup) he gets one sticker. If he wakes up and his bed AND his pull-up are dry, he gets 2 stickers for that day. When we arrive to 10 stickers, he gets a prize (some dollar store knck-knack and baby girl will get one too, ahh the joy of twins). When we arrive to 50 (I know a long way for a little boy, we'll see how tath goes) he gets the big prize, something he really, really wants: to go see the Sens play!! Now we've already bought the tickets for an April game so we should be good for then.

So this morning, he wakes up and comes running in our room with pride written all over his face" mom, I get 2 stickers today!" woo-hoo, we all did the happy dance!! This strategy may work after all!!


Silver Creek Mom said...

Taking notes...And going to watch how this goes. Mine will be 5 in July and he is hit a miss withthis. We try but he is nothing LIKE Mir was.

BeachMama said...

Am also taking notes. We went from sitting on the potty 20,000 times a day to running away from it. I do have hope that we will be not using diapers by the summer, but that is definately just hope ;)


nancy said...

Nice timing. When we were 'trained' B was doing very well at staing dry all night, as was T. Since Christmas, B has gone back to soaking (sometimes trhough) his pull-up almost every night. T often wakes up to pee, but about 99% he has a little in his pull-up ceom morning.

I am not really all that concerned just yet, but do wonder why he kinda reverted back to wetting again, after being able to go almost a week waking up dry.

I can wake then and 'water' them before I go to bed, but have only done that a few times. Maybe I should go back to that way for a while.

I like the sticker idea...but I think I'll wait a litte longer.

There was a good article in a recent Today's Parent about you get that mag? Happy to dig it up for you if you want.

DaniGirl said...

Interesting! Tristan is still in pull-ups at night, but only rarely pees in them. It's actually him who has asked to stay in them, and I'm okay with them if he is.

Good for your boy, sounds like you've found a system that he can buy into - stickers worked for us in our first go-round with potty training, so I hope this works for you too!