Monday, January 09, 2006

week-end warriors

Got back last night from our mountain getaway. Put the kids to bed and started unpacking hordes, and I really mean it, hordes of stuff when hubby declared "it would be so much simpler if we were a family of couch patatoes".
That line so cracked me up cuz he's the one that's got ants in his pants and always up to doing some physical activity. He couldn't possibly be any other way. And he's leading the kids in that same direction. We have a room in the basement with sport equipment, any type you can think of. And now with 3 kids, the amount has increased exponentially, with a whole range of sizes: soccer cleats, dozens of soccer balls, skates, cross-country ski boots, downhill ski boots, helmets for skating, helmets for skiing, helmets for biking, ski goggles, swimming goggles, snorkels, fins, tennis rackets, skis and who knows what else I forgot. Every season we go through what we have and make a list of what we need, what we can get rid of, as we can't keep up with the kids'growth.

I'm more naturally inclined to be the couch potato but once I'm off that couch, I'm so glad I did. Like taking the twins downhill skiing: getting them dressed or more like chasing them around to dress them, putting on those awkward to walk with ski boots, carrying all the skis and poles, catching the shuttle to the hill, getting appropriate passes to get on, putting up with all the sibling love along the way ("he touched me!", "she's a knuckle head", "he pushed me" etc.) and the perennial "I have to go pee" just as we are this point we are totally exhausted and wondering what the thell are we doing this for...but after a few "runs" on the bunny hill and seeing them "get it" and actually skiing on their own and seeing the sheer pleasure on their faces and pride with their accomplishemnt, it was all so worth it.
That's the part they will remember. We are that much closer to that day when we will all go up the mountain together and spend the day skiing. I can't wait. Pure family time.

But I also got to spend time ALONE with an old love of mine: a cross-country ski trail. It was a beautiful sunny day. Cold enough so as not to become too hot once you got really going. I'm no athlete and really just an intermediate skier but somehow on that day I was flying. Every once in a while I would stop and listen to...NOTHING. The woods can be so quiet in the middle of the winter. Every once in awhile I would encounter another skier and as an unwritten rule, we'd acknowledge each other and this beautiful moment we were living. As I was skiing, I was thinking of "Jackrabbit" Johannsen who established so many of these trails. Years ago, I went to school with his grandson and I remember him telling me so many of his stories. An incredible man. He was still racing in his nineties and passed away at the age of 111! The best part though was when I finished my loop, I met my kids who were also skiing and having a total blast.

So week-end warriors we are and despite all the aching muscles that come with Monday morning, my head is filled with fond family winter memories.


BeachMama said...

How awesome. I can only hope that "J" will continue with his love of sports and it will help get his Dad back in gear for it. I love skiing (downhill for me), but Hubby says it hurts his knees. My last hope is that "J" will want to ski with me :)


nancy said...

When you said you "got to spend time ALONE with an old love of mine" I thought you were gonna say your hubby - LMAO!!

Your energy to encourage your children to eb so active inspires me, and also exhausts me. Isn't just getting them dressed and ready to go skating enough exercise for one day??

Silver Creek Mom said...

I can't believe how much you all do with a famuly your size I figure I'm lucky to get everyone ON THE COUCH For a movie so we can have family time. I guess we should take a page from you book. Of course If I had your mountain hide away, I would ski too. ;)