Wednesday, January 04, 2006

we're off

We have a little home away from home in the mountains. We got it when big sis was five years old. So many great memories have been formed there already from week-end getaway with girlfriends, hubby on golf getaways with his buddies, class reunions, meeting good friends, but mostly family time. In the winter we ski, downhill and cross-country, and skate and walk around the village and sit by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate and play board games. In the summer, we hike and swim and bike and have BBQs and go out for supper. We dragged the twins there from 2 months old forward. They are always so excited to go. Its like a mini-vacation for us all.

So off to pack and we're off for a few days back in time for back to school.


BeachMama said...

oooh... I am sooo jealous. Have a great time!! See you when you get back :)


DaniGirl said...

Ahem, little miss secret keeper... were you planning on 'outing' yourself any time soon? (Only scolding you to conceal my squeal of delight to find you here, of course!)

Have a fun trip, it will give me a chance to catch up on the archives!

nancy said...

Enjoy!! I only wish I was there with you...aaahhh....fond memories.

twinmomplusone said...

Dani, it's all your fault, you dared me with "all the cool kids do it" and my submerged compettive side resufaced and said what the heck, if all the cool kids do it, I can to!! Right? So here I am, a total novice and enjoying how you guys are slowly finding me.

Had a drink in honor of you all up there ;)