Tuesday, April 25, 2006

good news

A while back I mentioned a friend pregnant with twins who was having a rough time. Well, we just got news from her. Unfortunately, it was hubby who took the call so as a typical male he just got the minimal information. She underwent an elective caesarean at 32 weeks and gave birth to two girls weighing 4.5 and 2.5 lbs. Apparently everyone is stable. I'll keep my fingers crossed that these two miracles will grow strong and go home as soon as possible.

I also just got word that big sis made it through the first wave of selection for this particular high school program she's interested in for next year. She'll be so excited when I tell her when she gets home. The next step is a one-on-one evaluation next week. I'm sure she'll charm them but we'll nonetheless keep our fingers crossed. She was also getting her graduation pictures taken today complete with toga. And of course, in her nervousness to have a decent photo which will be part of a plaque forever lining the wall at the school, she developed OVERNIGHT a zit on her nose :( And did I also mention that this past week-end we officially went shopping for her first real bra, a 34 AA, and we also noted that she was also officially taller than both her grandmothers!!!! Ohh, my first born, my lovely child, how you are growing into a women right before my eyes.


BeachMama said...

Sending prayers out to your friend with the newborn twins. My thoughts are with her and her new babies.

Big sis is really becoming a lady! Typical that a zit would show up at the most opportune moment. And her first bra, congrats, that is definately a big step. I am sure whe will charm the evaluaters at her interview.

nancy said...

Those damn zits!! I am also dealing with a doozy currently right. on. my. nose.

I can't believe you sound so composed about such HUGE milestones. How thrilling. I don't predict I'll ever get to buy anyone their first bra, but I am sure there will be zits.

Oh, and wet dreams. Ick.

nancy said...

Forgot to say congrats to your twin mommy friend. I do think of her, as you know. Please keep us posted.

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH dear...Do we need another coffee date?
I know she will charm them at the school and she will soon be charming boys. And you be driving her on MOVIE dates with boys. SIGH! Tell her she is almost the same size as my 15 yr old, 34A much to her shagrin. LOL!

I'll keep your friend and her babies in my prayers. although they seem to be a good size!


Little girls grow up right before your eyes.

Congratulations goes out to your friend on the birth of her 2 daughters. Hope they grow stronger with each passing day.

DaniGirl said...

I was thinking what Nancy said (er, not the part about the wet dreams) about how very composed you sound at all these milestones!!!

Congratulations all around. You're such a lovely friend, you know? And a great mommy, too.