Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and then we had some blue

For seven years we lived with our little girl. Our house was filled with pink and dolls and teddy bears and she would spend hours calmly doing crafts or doing puzzles. Then we had baby girl and baby boy. Now our lives were no longer surrounded by just pink. The blue started percolating in, the little cars, the train sets, the Spiderman stuff, etc. With the twins' arrival we had an instant experiment going on right here in our home. A nature vs nurture kind of experiment. And after 4.5 years I can very positively conclude that boys are indeed wired differently than girls. Even though exposed to the same environment, they attack their world in a totally different manner. Toys, of every kind, become projectiles, make believe is centered around bad guys and chasing them, imaginary swords are made out of anything and everything, bodily functions are cause for major gut laughing sessions, watching/playing sports elicits their competiteveness, etc. The things baby boy blue does are so, well, boyish. All kinds of new stuff for us here. But boy do I ever love this boy!!!

Examples of his antics as of late:

---heart-stopping incident when I found Spiderman using his power web to climb and save the world from teh evil guys

---on this other day we have ourselves a bodyguard, complete with walkie-talkie and sunglasses and earpiece, whose mission it is to dutifully follow and protect the Princess (twin sister) from evil alien forces!

As a p.s.

nancy and Dani, yesterday you mentioned how composed I was in face of big sis milestones. Its not that I'm composed, more like going with the flow. With the 3 of them, there seems to be so many milestones that although I would by no means become blasé about them I can just resort with taking it all in stride. I often stop myself and savour every little one of these moments. They're magical and history in the making. Hope tath makes sense.


BeachMama said...

Goes with the saying "boys will be boys". I have found that you can give the boys and girls the same exact toy and most of the time they will play with it in a totally different way.

I love how daring, yet protective baby boy is. We see some similar traits in "J". He is very protective of his new baby girl cousin, but daring when it comes to playing with J2. As he flew accross the air yesterday to make a dive bomb catch, I feel like we have a football player in the waiting.


My sister has her 3 boys and whenever I walk into her house I always notice the noise level. Boys seem to talk louder, walk louder,even eat louder(they love the sound of their own burps!)My oldest is constantly shushing them. My sister rolls her eyes and smiles "you have no idea."