Thursday, April 13, 2006

the big day

As you may recall, a while back (over 2 months already), we were having a problem with baby boy and night bed-wetting. We started this whole sticker system with the ultimate reward, the thing he wanted the most, go to a Senators game. And so here we are. It is now safe to say that although we've had a few incidents in the beginning, he is now officially dry at night. There, I've said it, he's actually been dry for a while (like before our holidays) but didn't want to jinx anything by saying it.

So if you happen to watch the game tonight, we'll be the screaming fans way up high in the family zone!


nancy said...

Great big HUGE congratulations to your dry boy.

What FUN!! Have a great time...Go Sens Go!!!

BeachMama said...

Congatulations to being dry, maybe he can have a chat with my little guy.

Have lots of fun tonight!! Go SENS Go!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Like Anna said myabe he could chat with Nathan. Nothing works with this boy. He's drymost nights but at least once a week he wakes up sopping wet.