Thursday, April 20, 2006

rites of passage

Spring is lovely. But this change of season brings on a whole lot of tasks. I'm in a list kind of mood this morning. The organizational side of me.

clean up yard...mostly done
bring in Xmas decorations...nearly done
put away Easter stuff...will wait for Easter #2 to be over first
clean and store winter boots...not started
clean and store winter coats...not started
go through summer shoes and clothes...done (only because was done before going down south)
bring out sunscreens and bug spray and sunhats...getting there
put away winter clothes...not yet
clean vehicles of all winter crud...started
buy soccer cleats for kids...done
tune up 5 bikes...done
organize structured summer activities for kids...underway
get piano tuned...where's that guy's number again?
bring kids for their medicals...done
bring kids for eye exams...will call tomorrow ;)
make appointment for my own medical and eye exam...yeah, yeah
call pool guy to come officially open up pool...done
clean furnace air filters...done
get windows cleaned...will get there
have air ducts cleaned...will wait after reno

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting right now

AND then, hubby's list:

tune up motorcycle and use it to go to work every morning...yep

get golf paraphernalia ready for the offical golf course opening tomorrow...yep

Hmmm, I think I want to come back as a guy in my next life.


nancy said...

You've humbled me with that list. We do have the sunscreen and hats in use, and some of the winter stuff put away, but what is this cleaning before putting away thing that you talk about???


Now I know why I don't make lists. The list is always too long. Your list looks pretty good though you have a few chores checked off. Good Luck with that window one. I think that would be a good one to delegate to hubby.LOL

BeachMama said...

I was just thinking about starting a list today. With the sudden onslaught of summer, it seems that I missed some of my usual tasks. I would really like to include both of your hubbys on mine too. Of course I would have to get another motorcycle and well, find a way to strap "J" to it ;). But, the golf clubs are ready and raring to go downstairs!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Like I said on this past week to you...Do you hire out? Man I'll be lucky if I get the windows washed.
I do take the winter coats and move them from the ktichen to the Front Closet and they are washed I do put the boots in the basement...that;s done to.
I have to call the PED. But I've been doing that since Jan. I'm a good procratinator.
Cleaningout the Crumbmobile of the winter crumbs well they do rot don't they? ;)
Yard work...I"M GETTING HELP!
Your my Organizantional HERO!

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