Friday, April 28, 2006

skating and martial arts

The kids are in bed, finally, hubby is out for a work thingy, I have my comfy pjs and a nice cup of camomille and all I can say is ahhhh, relax time. My whole body is tingly from a full day. Physically tired but mentally happy. A really good day, the sunshine helped for sure!

Got up showered, breakie for everyone, packed a lunch for big sis, went outside to talk to the workers about the ongoing landscaping/interlock project which is going great but forcing us to leave the vehicles at the end of the driveway and we have a LONG driveway ( and did I mention that some of the workers are quite cute and isn't it a shame that the weather is like really hot, kwim?).

Got big sis on school bus, drove twins to pre-school, chit-chat with a few moms in parking lot, went to eye doctor to pick up my new glasses (yes, my vision has deteriorated some more in one eye only, darn)which look great, I think, and I can see so much better too.

Went to a friends'house where a whole group of fun women were congregated, without kids, for some coffee and lots of chit-chat, time sure flies when having fun, before I knew it, I was off again to pick up the kids, drive a classmate to her house, quick lunch at a fast food joint and bring twins to their dress rehearsal for their skating show, chitchat with a a few moms while waiting, bring kids back home, talk to workers again, quick supper, help big sis with some homework and off to the arena again.

And what an awesome show. I was blown away, not expecting such a production. All levels of skaters from the twins preschool class to Canadian figure skating champions. Mine did a routine, if you can even call it that, to Kung Fu Fighting. No cameras were allowed :( They had been practicing their hand and leg moves for weeks now. Parents weren't allowed to watch the rehearsals. So when they finally came on, in their cute martial art outfits with the projector lights on, them waving at us when they found us in the crowd, it was definitely a truly pure proud mommy moment. And big sis sitting next to me was beaming and telling total strangers sitting next to us :"look, that's my brother and sister" How the roles got reversed. Dragging the twins to so many things for big sis and now she's the one seeing them perform. They were done in the first half of the show so we went to get them so they could watch part of the rest. They were mesmerized. We saw a few other kids that we know in the same skating club and it was definitely good for them.

I was so proud of them. To perform in front of an audience like that takes courage. We talked about the meaning of the words "courage" and "brave" together on the way home. We finished the evening with ice cream treat for all!

Sweet dreams my cuties! Tomorrow you get to be little Kung Fu fighters again and your dad gets to watch you this time :)


nancy said...

I'm reading...following along...great day...then you bring me to tears with your last paragraph.

Thank you.

BeachMama said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day, with some good scenery ;).

And amazing how well the twins did with their skating and it sounds so cute. Great to have big sis bragging about her siblings.


Those comfy p.j.'s evenings after a busy day are the best! I'm glad the twins had a great performance!

Snack Mommy said...

Fantastic DH was absolutely green when I told him your twins got to combine his two favourite sports, AND turn them into a surprise presentation for you.