Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the results are in

3 out of 5 liked it, the okra that is!

I, of course liked it as I knew I would, I could so easily become a vegetarian, there isn't a vegetable out there I won't eat

hubby more than liked it: when he saw it he said; "hey my mom (think russian peasant women of greek origin)used to serve us that, it was always limp and yucky" I guess she just served it boiled whereas I followed this cajun recipe and after soaking in ice cold water for an hour, covered them in cornmeal and fried them making them crunchy yummy. So he liked mine more than his mom's. Bonus points here.

big sis surprised me and really liked it

baby girl really surprised me as she's one to always taste new foods but turned this one down :(

baby boy as expected grimaced at the sight of it. His logic: anything green is to be eaten only by birds!

now nancy, we'll have to introduce you to eggplant, ymmmm


nancy said...

I like eggplant! I know it cause others have prepared it for me and have also had it in restaurants.

The preparation intimidates me, too scary. SO....I'll buy it, you cook it and I'll eat it.

What does okra taste like?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Way to go...So when are you having us all over for a Orka dinner with eggplant on the side?

BeachMama said...

Something to make for the next playgroup??? It sounds divine!