Monday, April 24, 2006

in the mail today

We received a wedding invitation. Another greek wedding. Love those. Lots of food and lots of dancing.

But this one is quite special. It is actually the flower girl at MY wedding that is getting married!!! Oh my, how the years have flown by!

Both my husband and I have small families and when came time to get a flower girl for our wedding, we picked this cute little girl, almost 6 years old, who was the daughter of a distant cousin on my father-in-law's side of the family. She did a great job on that day. Perhaps we saw her once more after the wedding.

But who would have guessed that 8 years later we would coincidentally give our first born the same name as our cute flower girl. And who would have guessed that exactly 20 years later (her wedding is on June 25th and ours was on June 29th) she would be getting married. And who would have guessed that out of the thousands of wedding invitation possibilities she would pick the exact same one I used.

I wholeheartedly wish her a strong and loving marriage like the one she so beautifully helped herald as a child.


BeachMama said...

How beautiful that there are so many similiarities. May her marriage be as wonderful as yours. Another 20 years and it may be one of your Daughters having a wedding. (Can you imagine??)

nancy said...

How exciting!!! A big fat greek wedding, right?

Did you take that beautiful pic?

DaniGirl said...

Oh wow, what a neat series of coincidences!

I love a huge wedding - and we don't have a single wedding on the radar for this summer. Boo hoo!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I haven't been to a good wedding in years! No one I know seems to be getting married. Well I guess I was at my BIL 's wedding but I was taking the pictures and didn't have any fun.

Have fun at this wedding!

nancy said...

We just got invited to a wedding...first one in 6 years...but wait - September 2007??? Sheesh...what will I wear??