Monday, April 03, 2006


This family loves maple syrup every which way it comes: the liquid form, the taffy on snow, the hard sugary stuff. Maple syrup is loved so much around here that when we run out it's catastrophic. Like this morning when baby boy took the last of it and I thought I had a reserve but didn't and the rest of the family booed me. Aunt Jemima syrup just doen't cut it.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live in the maple syrup area of the world. Whenever we visit relatives in Europe we bring some with us as presents. For them it's like gold. We usually bring some with us on trips as well especially when we know we won't be able to get some.

To me spring is synonymous with maple syrup and many memories of days spent at various maple syrup shacks when growing up. Family and friend outings. School outings. Small shacks and huge ones with humongous feasts for hundreds of people at a time. Tons of carbs and fat but so yummy. I've kept up this tradition with my own kids and every year go to one or do something related to it. Since we've been back from our trip, the kids have been reading over and over a book about maple syrup and how its made. So this year, we ended up going for breakfast at our village's Maplefest sponsored by the local Lion's Club. Run by volunteers, for 5$ each you get as many sausages, pancakes, OJ and coffee as you want. Done in a local community hall, it was fun to see neighbours and other acquaintances in such a jovial and low-key environment. As extra fundraising, they were selling all sorts of maple syrup stuff. Thinking I had plenty at home, I didn't buy any, cettainly came back to bite me this morning ;) But I did buy those small maple shaped sugary treats. They're hidden in my purse ;) Only for yours truly, not sharing, nope, not at all.


BeachMama said...

mmmmaple syrup :). Although we do keep Aunt Jemimah on hand for Hubby, I love maple pure and simple. I even put it on my ice cream, when we do have ice cream. Good thing I haven't tried it on my cereal in the mornings, I would definately be in trouble.

nancy said...

I prefer Aunt Jemima. I find maple syrup just too sweet for me. My kids had their first 'tire sure la neige' this year and although they had no problems finishing it, the next time we were offered it (at a local event near our house) they both declined saying they didn't like it last time, go figure.

I think it is so great your kiddies are looking at books about making the syrup - very educational!


Sounds yummy!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I wouldn't share either. Although we have maple syrup in the house at all times. I like it on pancakes or a bagel with peanut butter and dip it in it. YUMMM!