Monday, April 10, 2006

busy life and blog award

Things have improved since my last post:

  • the weather has been splendid, kids playing outside continuously...I keep telling them to enjoy it as before we know the dreaded bugs will be back :(
  • husband is back home, picked him up at airport with 3 super excited kids
  • accomplished all my tasks and more, like an emergency trip to optometrist when big sis lost that small screw that holds her glasses together
  • drove around for the last 3 days to the sounds of our latest CD from the movie Curious George, a charming compilation of sweet songs which the kids have really taken to
  • reacted as level-headedly as possible in a near catastrophic situation: while playing outside, baby girl fell and smacked her forehead on some cement and blood was gushing out like a fountain and her brother and sister were hysterically freaking out making her scream even more and I had this sunken feeling of a trip to the ER when after calming them all down and closer inspection realized a large band-aid, some ice and lots of TLC would take care of it
  • we completed big sis project on time and handed it in at the same time as everyone else who had an extra week to work on it and were in groups of 2 or 3, way to go sweetie! talking about big sis, she got her report card last week and it was her best ever, so, hubby who just bought himself a new cell phone gave her his old one ...should have seen the look on her face, pure joy and she just kept thanking us over and over
  • we attended her dance recital. Now for the last few months, we've been bringing her to this Hip Hop class and she would never really tell us much about it or refused to show us whatever moves she learned telling us she didn't want to ruin the surprise. Well, surpprised we were. She blew us away! They were a dozen girls who danced this pretty complicated choreograpphy to the sound of Gwen Stefani's Holloback Girl. A pure proud mommy moment. So glad we brought out camcorder!

Well all this "busy-ness" showed me two things: I wish I was at this point in my life with 10 less years, at times I feel too old to be doing all this BUT I also realized that being able to juggle it all and getting everything that needs to be done, done, leaves me with an immense feeling of accomplishment and I definitely get a high from that. Love being busy, now just need to make sure my body can keep up.

As a footnote, I installed that sitemeter quite a while back and figured it was kind of silly cause, really, how many hits was I really going to get. And today, I reached ONE THOUSAND. Can't believe that! That many visitors to a blog taht really isn't much of anything but a mom rambling on about her life. So the award for MY One Thousandth visitor here:

...(drum rolls please)

...none other than Northen Mom

Congratulations! You get one huge hug sent your way and a beverage of your choice when I next see you ;)


Silver Creek Mom said...


Now how do you install a site meter? Better come across the river and show me.

And WOW no wonder we can never make it together for coffee. Your as busy as me!


Northern Mom said...

And to think I was excited when mine hit 250!
Yay I win a hug!!!

BeachMama said...

Love that you were so surprised at big sis' dance recital! Sounds like it was fun, I would have loved to take a Hip Hop class way back when (ya when it didn't exist) but I did take jazz and it was lots of fun.

Glad to hear a disaster was thwarted with baby girls forehead. We had a similar miss on Sunday as "J" was running down the sidewalk, he tripped and smacked his head pretty good. Thankfully in a way that just left a big huge bump.

Congrats on your 1000th hit! Keep up the great writing!