Wednesday, January 03, 2007

we've created a monster

A hockey monster that is. Baby boy is addicted to the sport and he doesn't even play it yet.

He checks the Senators' calendar up on the fridge daily and informs us what time the game is on. He'll sit there and watch the whole game intently.

He plays with his hockey cards daily, classifying them in all sorts of combinations and permutations.

His favorite hat and jacket have an NHL logo of some sort on it.

His bedsheets have hockey logos on them.

He asks us every day if he can go "play" hockey, either in the garage or on the driveway. Or a game of air hockey. Last night he got to go on our backyard rink . Could. Not. Get. Him. To. Come. Back. In.

New Year's morning, we all watched the movie The Rocket, a great recap of Maurice Richard's life. He was riveted. And last night he was pretending to be Maurice taking slap shot after slap shot on a board hubby set up for him rink side.

Santa brought him this book. To add to his collection of favorite books.

What have we done? We've created a monster! But he's so cute when he comes back in after "playing" hockey all sweaty and with rosy cheeks. Or the way he cheers when the Sens or the Habs score. Such intensity. I hope he has this kind of intensity with whatever he ends up wanting to do with his life, cause if he does, he'll do well.

I wanted to add some pics but Blogger won't let me, arghhh.


nancy said...

I think that if you were to "create a monster" there really isn't a better one you could....

don't tell him this but :


Snicker snicker....we are hooked on the World Juniors here...

BeachMama said...

Welcome to my nightmare ;). We have had a hockey crazy J since he was about a year and a half! I apparently don't play as well as Hubby and A but, I do it when I have to.

We have the book, the Hockey Card. A cute story about the Rocket. J loves it, especially when I use my french accent and announcers voice to say, "Maurice, the Rocket Richard!!!"

The Habs are holding court with the Sens in this house :)