Wednesday, January 17, 2007

counting backwards

The twins sure know how to do it. They got an extra long practice this morning.

You see, our new van has this nifty feature we didn't have in our other vehicle: the outdoor temperature is displayed front overhead center.They stare at the digital readout and comment about it daily. We'll often have a little contest of sorts to "guess" what temperature it will be once we reach school. Its a mini math lesson, discussing the whole concept of zero and negative numbers. There's also a compass near the temperature readout so they are getting to know the whole concept of N-S and W-E.

So today we went from +13C in the garage to -24C at school!!!

So keep warm everyone, gotta go wipe some condensation off some windows;)

1 comment:

Silver Creek Mom said...

I have towls sitting on mine the condesnsation is soo bad.

Glad it's not just me.