Monday, January 22, 2007

dancing queen

For years, big sis wanted to partake in our church's school for traditional Greek
dancing. Unfortunately, it always took place on Monday nights when both hubby and I worked. Then the little ones came along, no question about dragging them there. Up until this year. She finally got to start this past September and both baby boy and baby girl get to go too now that they are 5 years old.

And sure enough, big sis loves it.

Last Saturday was her first performance. In front of over 250 people. The other girls in the group have been dancing for years but her teacher assured me she's a fast learner. So of course, I went to see her. To take pics and video for this momentous first.

And she did great! I was so impressed with her! You could tell she truly enjoyed herself. They performed 5 different dances. As a thank-you for the dancers, they got to eat all together at a table set aside for just them and they then got to join the party on hand. I've never seen her dance like this. Must bebecause she was with her friends and they all felt great for a job well done. She didn't want to go home. I eventually dragged her out of there at midnigth though.

Way to go sweetie!


BeachMama said...

Sounds wonderful. I always wanted to be part of a dancing troop, other than the usual dance class. I had friends that took Greek dancing and another that did Hindu dancing. I always went to their performances and wished I was dancing with them. Congrats to Big Sis for fitting in well.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I know just how you feel. I love watching my kids Perform. It's soo awesome.

Way to go BIG sis!


nancy said...

You have every right to be oh, so proud.