Saturday, January 06, 2007

tired ole' mom

It creeps up on you slowly. The aging thing. For quite a while you feel the same. And then, bang, one day you feel old, older. There's the usual signs: the white hair, the sagging bits, the jiggly bits, the most annoying failing eyesight , the slowed down metabolism making you gain weight just looking at food. And now a few new ones that are really pissing me off: hard time getting up from the floor when playing with kids, aching joints which I've NEVER had, sore back from tying 3 pairs of skates and just plain lack of energy. Seems like I've reached this new physical era in my life. some of it is out of my control and some I really need to get control over.

All right, I know, its also the fact that this whole Holiday fun leaves one with a digestive system out of whack due to too many indulgences and a body so out of shape from lack of exercise and too many days spent with kids who really need to go back to school and crazy hours going to bed and getting up. And clothes that feel too tight, arghh.

Bottom line, I want my routine back. I want my house back, to myself. I need to get rid of ALL the stuff lying around. I need to get back on my treadmill. Hey I even got the whole first season of Lost, which I've never seen, and plan to watch one episode each time I go run/walk.

One more day


nancy said...



I too am on a mission to get my house back. The clutter is driving me crazy!

BeachMama said...

I got it almost back to normal before hitting the couch, but Hubby helped out this weekend and cleaned for me :) (it did take a little beggin) so the rest of the clutter will have to wait until I feel a bit better.

As for the feeling old? I already feel like crap when I get up off the floor from playing and stuff, you are doing much better than I am and I am sure that once you get back into routine you will be feeling young and stealth again.

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH Bud I hear ya! that is why I begged ( well no too hard) for a Curves Membership. I'm sore in places I was never sore and achy before. It Sucks. I already walk at times like an old lady cause my freakin hips hurt. And I know that has to be from kids and excess weight.


kate5kiwis said...

*kate skites*
i got mistaken for mid-twenties THREE times in two weeks late last year. and i'm sticking with that age lol

have started the pilates to keep the neck/back/legs slightly more flexible as i near my late thirties lol

DaniGirl said...

When I first started reading your post, I read "sagging bits" for something that rhymes with that - and was shocked to see you use language that euphemistic!!

I LOVE the new blog look. LOVE IT!