Tuesday, January 16, 2007

missing in action

I'm back!

Seems I've just had time to read my favorite blogs with scattered comments lately. Tried to post on my own but have been kicked out a few times. Hope it works this time.

Well, yes, the holidays are over. Back to school and work. Back to making lunches and driving the kids from here to there. Back to a routine, YES!!! I was so glad to get my house back. Spent the first few days putting all Christmas things away: decorations, cards, tree and all the loot acquired. Seems there is more and more stuff every year. And the difficulty in picking which kids' craft to keep!

Also went to my hubby's Christmas party. They always have it after the holidays, just easier to find a date suitable for everyone. It was all right. I think I was just all partied out and didn't really feel like going. Plus, I don't really know too many of his employees. Still was a nice evening out: a sit down meal, a few drinks,some dancing, some poker and black jack, some uninterrupted adult chitchat!

Went to church last Sunday. There was a luncheon right after that we hadn't planned on going to but some dear friends coerced us into it. Its an annual event, a fundraiser for a local charity. Everyone got a ticket going in as there are lots of door prizes. Just as I was saying how we never ever win anything, the number gets called out for the main prize: and baby girl won! I was thrilled. Yes because we won but mostly because she, the shy one, went all by herself up to the parish priest to claim her prize. She let him pick her up and present her to the whole congregation assembled, close to 300 people. She was beaming. She won an exquisite gold cross on a chain. Tradition has it that whoever wins this prize has luck on their side for the rest of the year. So there you go!

Also was my godchild's second birthday. Two already. He is the sweetest boy with a most gentle soul. Spent the day with him, along with his family and ours. Great people and love them all so very dearly.

Last Friday night, we had the chance to go see the Ottawa 67s. The girls didn't want to go. So baby boy and hubby went. He was SO proud! Meanwhile, big sis went to badminton, which left just baby girl and I. She said she wanted to go shopping with me! So off we went to the mall. Slowly browsing from store to store. Stopped for an ice cream. It was awesome spending some one on one time with her. A rare event. And she was SO happy too, that she just kept hugging me. But she wouldn't leave the mall without getting a little something for her brother! And he came back from the hockey game with some pink cotton candy for her! Those two. What a special bond they have.

And we finally got some snow yesterday! Yoo hoo! Been working on rebuilding our melted skating rink, should be perfect by tonight.

All right, back to the basement. The treadmill and an episode of LOST are awaiting:)

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