Friday, January 05, 2007

out on a date

We pulled it off. Hubby and I actually went out on a movie date. In the
middle of the day too. He really wanted to see CasinoRoyale ,
so after a morning of crafts with the kids, off we went. We've always
seen James Bond movies and Star Trek ones too forthat matter on the big screen.

It didn't disappoint us. Lots of action and lots of great locales (Bahamas, Venice, Lake Como and others). The new James Bond is definitely a new kind of James
Bond. Tougher yet more vulnerable. All in all a great escape for us.

And this weather? What's up with that? Definitely weird. Great to walk
around and all but no fun for the kids. Our outdoor skating rink is
officially finished as are all our cross country ski trails which we
carved around theproperty last week-end. Time to take out the bikes!


nancy said...

Good for great to sneak away and enjoy the simple things like a movie together. Jealous!

The weather was so mild yesterday we went to the park dressed like it was April.

BeachMama said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie and had some time together (alone).

This crazy weather is bonkers, you just never know what to wear!