Saturday, January 06, 2007

twelve days after Christmas

Today is January 6th. Epiphany day. The twelfth day after Christmas. La Fete des Rois. El Dia de los Reyes. Ukrainian Christmas. Different meanings for different people.

My Spanish mom grew up with presents being delivered to the kids on this day by the 3 kings (no Santa Claus back then). My french dad grew up with the tradition of La Galette des Rois: a delicious flat cake with a hidden bean/trinket and whoever gets them in tehir piece is declared King of the day. My Greek husband grew up with a special church celebration of the "Blessing of the Waters".

So all in all, ever since the kids arrived, I've tried to impart a new tradition for this day resulting from an amalgamation of all these different upbringings.

For us, its the day the 3 kings came to bring their presents to baby Jesus. Hence, the kids will receive a little present tomorrow (usually one I put aside from all the ones they were about to receive at Christmas). We've already eaten that special cake tonight as my parents were here and baby boy will be king of the day tomorrow. And we will make a point of going to Church this week-end too. And we NEVER remove any Christmas decorations until after Epiphany.


... started off by updating the ticker factory and I ended up updating the whole look. What do you think?

Now that new ticker is my weight reduction/exercise/eat better incentive. TWO months before we hit the beach! Yikes!!


nancy said...

Fun new look - how did you do it?


You are one busy Mom! I like the new look.

BeachMama said...

Merry Christmas!

I love the new look, it's great. And I was going to ask about the Ticker, but you answered for me :). Ahhh... the beach, I only hope we make it this year!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Love the new look....Teach me please?


Usually I don't take my Christmas decoration or tree down till then either but I did this year. Just wanted some sense of normalcy.

kate5kiwis said...

oMG i l-o-v-e those twelfth day of christmas ideas, what a cool tradition!!!
i have never heard of the other celebrations, though mum used to leave the christmas tree up until then.