Friday, January 19, 2007

craft zone

The kids got quite a few craft kits at Christmastime and we are slowly getting to them. I have to admit having lots of fun doing these with them ;)

First project: decorating/painting 3 ceramic bowls and cooking them in the oven to set the paint. Turned out pretty nice!

Second project: building this small scene and covering with this solution and then watching crystals form. Super cool one!

Finally: making 3 fancy shmancy bandannas.

LOVE these presents, fun for all!


S said...

Nice patterns...
Actually... I am looking for something to make and sell... :)
Nice knowing you~

BeachMama said...

Those are really cool crafts. I love the bowls, they look great. Did all three kids participate or is there one for each?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Very cool Bowls. Sound slike something Nathan would LOVE to do.

We'll talk. ;)