Thursday, January 18, 2007


Spanish word which literally means "break head". Hence the french term "casse-tete". Otherwise known as a jigsaw puzzle.

A few days ago my parents came over to see the kids and brought along a box. In it a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle depicting a summer scene from the town my dad grew up in in the French Alps. It was given to them by a friend who got it at a flea market.

So we installed ourselves around the kitchen table. Three generations working together. First it was a separation of the pieces according to color. Then all the "outside pieces" were assembled. That was enough for the first day.

The little ones certainly got an appreciation of what a thousand meant in real terms! And what a long term project is all about. Hubby and I worked at it over 5 days sometimes till the wee hours of the night, talking about this town and how we can't wait to return, chatting about daily stuff and reminiscing. When the twins were a little over a month old, we worked on a 1500 piece Christmas winter scene puzzle. We would sit with them around the table, feed them and look for pieces. We then glued the completed puzzle onto a cardboard backing and every Christmas, pull it out and remember that time in our lives.

So we finished the puzzle and realized two pieces were missing! Am working on making little pieces so we can glue this one too.

And their you have it, another snippet of our family life during cold winter days.


Silver Creek Mom said...

WOW what a beautiful place! Have you ever been back there with your kids?

I would love to visit a place like that.


BeachMama said...

That is a beautiful picture. And how fun that you guys do the puzzles and glue them together. I haven't done one in ages and figure it would be turned upside down before even coming close to completing it.