Wednesday, May 31, 2006

got my work cut out

Every year I vow to buy less plants, but it never seems to work. Always end up buying "just another one". With 2 acres I figure I can put them somewhere. Thank God for my dad. He's the unofficial gardener around here. He plants, weeds, moves things from here to there, fertilizes, etc. It's good for him. Now living in a condo, he gets to do the outdoorsy stuff he loves around here. And every year we spend a day together planting everything. Got half done yesterday, taking a break today, and will finish up tomorrow.

Both my parents grew up in rural environments in Europe. And they both couldn't wait to move into the city which they eventually did. When we moved to Canada, we lived in the heart of Montreal. We had a townhouse and 3/4 of the backyard (not a very big one at that) was a vegetable garden. Like most immigrants, they had to have a bit of their rural roots even while living in the big city. I remember spending my summers tending to that garden, planting, nurturing, pruning, watering.

And now here I am, living in a rural area. Full circle. Seems like that love of gardening and having fresh produce and herbs is ingrained in my psyche.


BeachMama said...

I love that you spend the day with your Dad planting flowers :)

My Grandpa was a farmer, but my Dad will have nothing of planting. My Mom is pretty good though, if only she would come help me out with mine, I would be quie pleased ;)

Can't wait to see your garden in all it's glory!


You certainly are ambitious. Maybe one day you will open up your gardens for the tour.
Glad you are feeling better. It's nice to have you back.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm the only gardener around here and I'm soo behind,. I have to quit reading my friends Blogs...