Monday, May 08, 2006

spring flowers

Kids are in school all day today and I vowed to catch up on some domestic projects. But the nice weather pulled me outside for a lunchtime walk and my camera came along...

sunshine pride

unique like my 3 children

the strong and the beautiful

forest blooms

the symbolic trillium

delicate elegance


nancy said...

that first shot is a framer!! i may even buy that one from you.

BeachMama said...

Beautiful photos! I love the "unique like my 3 children", they are beautiful.

Always bring your camera on a walk :)

Snack Mommy said...

Your first shot is magnificent! I look forward to many more this year (hint hint)

Northern Mom said...

A photo blog!
I love them all
Keep em coming

Silver Creek Mom said...

You had time for a walk and picture taking???? Now I feel like I should get out int he flower beds...You just gave me an idea for a blog.

She says as she runs off skipping to her own blog....