Tuesday, May 09, 2006

who would have ever thought

May as well admit it, my daughter has a full fledged addiction to Star Wars. If anyone told me that just last fall I would have laughed my head off. But here we are. The Star Wars spirit has overtaken this house.

I fully blame hubby for this new condition. Last Christmas holiday, he decided it was a good time to watch all 6 Star Wars episodes in the proper order. Big sis and baby boy were smitten from the get go. Baby girl found it all very noisy and usually leaves the room. I caught snippets here and there. The older movies still make me reminisce of those fun times in university when we all went in big groups to see them.

So now, baby girl has become Leah and baby boy Luke (being twins and all)and hubby Anakin/Darth Vader. They greet each other with "may the force be with you"!! Big sis has watched the movies over and over. They can always be found somewhere in her room.

She's even asked to get the books and is reading them over and over. Reading is good I say.

She draws the characters. Some can be found in her room or on the fridge.

She got the music score and plays it all the time on the piano.

She even started this Star Wars club at school. They exchange trivia mostly. Some of the girls have come over to watch a movie. They are really all smitten with Hayden Christensen and giggle when he comes on. I guess he would be my daughter's first crush ;)

Even baby boy is in on it pretending to be a Jedi most of the time and begged and begged to get these running shoes when he spotted them at Payless.

Ah well. It's just a phase :) Kinda cute and peculiar.


nancy said...

OMG Luke Skywalker was SO one of my first celeb crushes. I was 12. It was 1978. I even did a project about him in grade 6.

Why do I remember that?

BeachMama said...

It could be worse, she could be lovin' Thomas the Tank Engine ;) (although our love affair with Thomas is over here, it seems to lurk in the background and surface every few weeks).

I think my first movie star crush was C.Thomas Howell from the Outsiders. I saw that movie over and over and read the book over and over. I even got a bit giddy when he was on "24" for a few episodes.

Silver Creek Mom said...

NO I don't think being a fan of star wars is strange. MY guys (Nathan and his cousin) are playing beauty and the beast all the time. (Due to Miranda's play) Jack's a big Star Wars fan.

DaniGirl said...

Oh my goodness, that's ME about 28 years ago. I used to play Darth Vader's theme on my FLUTE (cringe) all the time. So very funny!!

I tried to show Star Wars to Tristan the other day, but he only made it through about 10 minutes before he changed the disc to Scooby Doo.

Those are great drawings, BTW. Talented girl!!

Snack Mommy said...

What is it about Star Wars that makes it such great family viewing? I too, recall being around 10 and going out to supper at the local Spaghetti Factory before heading out to the big show. Did the same thing for Empire Strikes back.

I haven't tried it with Tristan, but you have inspired me!

Love Big Sis's drawings too!

twinmomplusone said...

that's what's so cool about this whole Star Wars phenomenon is how nearly 30 years later, kids are re-living the same euphoria although they do snicker a tad at the lameness of the first movies' special effects ;)

nancy said...

How dare you diss the light sabre of 1978!!