Friday, May 05, 2006

rain and wine, tulips and golf, Dora and Boots

Ohh, that spa was sublime yesterday! Even though when we headed out the clouds rolled in and when we arrived they burst open with a gargantuan amout of rain, we didn't let that stop us. No way. We were going to get wet anyways going in the different pools and saunas and steam rooms. I even had a lovely mid-afternoon nap listening to a water cascade and the rain fall. And then the sun appeared. And we were all rested and happy. We then went to a quaint little place for a great supper and some wine and lots of girl talk. Most excellent. I had this really neat soup: African peanut soup. Sweet potato, carrots, ginger and peanut butter pureed together, yum. You guessed it, I try to get my peanut fix whenever baby boy isn't around. Then I had curried chicken served on couscous with oranges and almonds. Double yum. Will most definitely be going back, to both places that is. Maybe with another circle of friends ;)

Somehow we make a point of going every year. So maybe Sunday we'll do that, depending on hubby's golf schedule. Yes, I'm officially a golf widow now, again. Happens every year. maybe I can play a few more rounds this year

Saturday, we are going to go see Dora and Boots. Kids are excited, hubby not amused. Oh well, too bad. When he sees the joy on his kids faces he'll get over it :)


BeachMama said...

OH I am so glad you had a great time! I am definately in need of a spa visit sometime soon!

I hope we get to the Tulip festival too, may have to go solo next week.

nancy said...

What time are we going?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Hope you all had fun.