Thursday, May 04, 2006

what moms are worth

of course we are priceless and irreplaceable

this news caption caught my eye

what do you think?


Silver Creek Mom said...

Getting paided to do this? what ahoot! I owuld rather hazard pay for the spit up and the shirts I lost while breast feeding and someone to pay for the hair dye I use to cover the grey. LMAO! I love being a MOM! I don't they could ever put a dollar value on it. Priceless that's what we are. ;)

BeachMama said...

I agree that we are priceless. Although it would be nice to get a teeny tiny salary, just because. But, truthfully the pay comes in the form of an "I love you" or a "play with me". If stay at home Mom's were going to be paid six figures, I bet more people would consider staying him.

nancy said...

Where do I sign? It appears I missed that day and never signed the contract to get THAT BLOODY AMAZING salary!!

But you know what? I would never change a thing, even though the financial pay really does suck, sucks us dry in fact, but the rewards are just waaaay toooo immeasurable.