Thursday, May 11, 2006

need some clarity

Now that the outside projects are more or less done, I've turned to the inside ones. After some preliminary work, I'm now at the detail stages and my mind is overflowing with colors and paint swatches and materials and furniture arrangements...I feel like my mind is in a fog and can't seem to be able to make anymore decisions. We've basically decided to move the twins in separate rooms, not sure which one into which and big sis moving out into the guest bedroom.
for baby boy's new room: red and blue walls, striped material for a reversible duvet cover and checkered pattern for drapes. No one seems to like the checkered pattern here so back to the drawing board for that one. Red walls, is that nuts? will have light colored furniture and the carpet is being replaced by light colored hardwood. Is the striped bed cover too old looking? Not sure about this one.

for big sis' new room: we'll have one wall with the greenish color and matching greenish drapes, the rest of the room in aqua and the reversible duvet cover with the stripes and aqua flowers. The plain aqua for bedskirt and maybe a pillow. This scheme she adores so were OK here to go.

decisions, decisions...need another coffee to get some more clarity!


BeachMama said...

I love the choices for big sis's room. The colours just flow so nicely.

The colours for baby boy's room, are good, I really like the blue stripes, and the checkered red, I like separately. But something is missing from the red for it to match with the blue. They wouldn't be terrible together, they would just need something extra to tie the two together.

What have you got going for baby girls room?

nancy said...

WOW! Real colours, I am thrilled for you, and for the new rooms. We live in a house of beige.

twinmomplusone said...

baby girl so far is just going to end up in big sis' room the way it is BUT I just saw this nice material for some sheers a deep lilac with some pink specks and may now paint a wall or two lilac to freshen things up and make her feel like its anew room just for her. Gotta be fair ya know ;)


You are amazing. Do you ever take a break? Your choices look great.

Silver Creek Mom said...

REd walls are COOL! DID you ever see Miranda's room? If not come over this week and take a peek. Her's are RED All 4 walls...but there is black to bring it down and cream on the ceiling and she has a sfot yellow duvet. Her friends love her room and so does she. Nathan now wants a red room!

MY living room is deep red. LOVE IT TOO!

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH and for Baby Boys room...How about a duvet in a beige with some black in it as a stripe a check. It will lighten up the room abit. I always try to keep the bedding lighter if the room walls are dark, just for contrast.